In accordance with the National Control Plan, we affirm with all certainty that our products are a purity oasis, free of any antibiotic trace in it.

Energetic Innovation on the Valentina Shrimp Area

We are carrying out a total electrification project in the Valentina shrimp sector, which includes the construction of a 42 megawatt substation with an investment of $1.5 million. This project reflects our commitment to cutting edge and sustainability by transitioning from a diesel-based energy source to electricity. Our bold electrical project encompasses electric aeration and pumping, with a total investment of $20 million supported by strategic substations, redefining the boundaries of environmental innovation.


It is the declaration of our commitment, not only with business excellence, but also with creation of an environmental socially sustainable future.

Social Impact

Our company`s family consists on over 3239 collaborators, we are proud to give our hand to a large number of families, creating a positive impact on society.


Our plant is qualified with the highest quality standards, food safety and control.

Each process shows our imperishable commitment with excellence, not only with products that fulfill this given standard, but also overcome our customers` expectations.